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The World's First Auction Card Game with card abilities!

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Welcome Investors

You have been selected by a secret crypto organization and entrusted with a new and powerful cryptocurrancy: LitCoins.


Auction Web is a clever card game about crypto trading for 2-5 players. Using secret bids, cleaver card abilities and strategic hand management, Will you be able to out do your rivals?


Will you score a fortune with cleaver trading and rise above the central bank?

Choose your Organization

How is it played?

Each player is entitled to LitCoin Cards, which they will use to bid on Property Cards in highly interactive auction marketplace. A winner will be determined over 3 rounds with the most victory points.


Spot Me Litcoins!

The aim of the game is to aquire as many Litcoins as possible. This is done on the Auction Web which will require clever timing and ingenious special abilities to rise to the top!

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Time to Invest

Use your Litcoins to invest in ground breaking businesses like an Avocado Island and UFO technology to score additional Litcoin returns!

Like a boss

Go down in history as a Litecoin ledgend by your organization as you are crowed the Boss of Litcoin!


Enter the Auction Web