Auction Web is a bidding cryptocurrency card game for 2 - 5 Players.

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Thank you for accepting this e-vite to create an account on Auction Web! We pride ourselves as the world's first and only "anything goes" auction marketplace, where property titles can be bought at large public trade auction sales! Are you prepared to compete against other organizations from around the world? Your trial membership entitles you to 14 LitCoin credits to get you started. A winner will be determined over 3 consecutive rounds with the most victory points. 

Best of luck and remember our motto: No refunds!


Auction Web is a bidding cryptocurrency card game for 2 - 5 Players. 

  • Game Design & Artwork: Myanmar Board Games

  • Players: 2-5

  • Play time: 15-25 minutes

  • Suitable for ages: 10+

  • Release status: June 2021 (estimated)

  • Auction Web on: BoardGameGeek  | Facebook

Learn the basics of Auction web

Choose your Organization

How does it Play?

Each round consists of Bidding Phase and Cleanup Phase. During a bidding phase, you can either Bid or Pass. If a player passes, he or she is skipped for the rest of the round. After playing 3 rounds, the game ends and the player with the most victory points is the winner. If there is a tie, the player who owns more properties is the winner. 

Litcoin Cards

Most Litcoins cards have secondary effects that trigger upon a loss, so clever timing and card play tend to be the name of the game. Whenever the card you just played is discarded (because it either lost or tied), trigger its Lowball ability if it has one (see Litcoin Cards below).

Comp 1_1.gif


All Properties provide a unique benefit, and certain combinations provide additional points as well, so players will find they have multiple routes to victory.

Why You'll Love Auction Web

Auction Web is perfect for learning the basics and for casual players. The main challenge we face is two-fold: balance and player fun. The cards should be balanced so that the game isn't too chaotic. Which is why we are highly interested in the opinions of the Fastaval playtesters, as the game should feel "good to play" as well as clever.



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About Myanmar Board Games

Myanmar Board Games was founded in 2016, we're a studio that is passionate to create memories and bring cohesive moments for families and friends through the play of tabletop games.

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