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Auction sales aren't fair, someone’s got to be the winner among 5 organizations. In Auction Web, players take on the roles of powerful leaders of 5 unique organizations seeking to bid on properties with in-game cryptocurrency Litcoins. Every Litcoin comes with a Lowball ability, which adds blending strategy and twist to the gameplay. You must be ready to read the next steps of your rivals and analyze their strategy. Your trial membership entitles you to 14 LitCoin credits to get you started.Best of luck and remember our motto: No refunds!


Auction Web is an auction cryptocurrency card game for 2 - 5 Players. 

  • Game Design & Artwork: Myanmar Board Games

  • Players: 2-5

  • Play time: 15-25 minutes

  • Suitable for ages: 10+

  • Release status: June 2021 (estimated)

  • Auction Web on: BoardGameGeek  | Facebook

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How is it played?

Each player is entitled to LitCoin Cards, which they will use to bid on Property Cards in competition with other players. At the end of the game, the player with the most LitCoin Cards becomes the winner.

Choose your Organization

Play Auction web Now


Auction Web is available to play online right now via Tabletopia. You can play with up to 4 other players. 2-5 players Setup instructions and a link to the rulebook are provided.


Litcoin Cards

Most Litcoin cards have secondary effects that get triggered upon a loss, so clever timing and card play tend to be the name of the game. Whenever the Litcoin Card you just played is discarded (because it is either lower or tied), its Lowball ability is triggered if it has one (see Litcoin Cards below).

Comp 1_1.gif


All Properties provide a unique benefit. Certain combinations of different Properties provide additional points, so players will find multiple routes to victory.

Why You'll Love Auction Web

Auction Web is perfect for introducing the basics of board game play to casual and new players. The main challenge we face is two-fold: balance and player fun. The cards should be balanced so that the game isn't too chaotic. Which is why we are highly interested in the opinions of the Fastaval playtesters, as the game should feel "good to play" as well as clever.




About Myanmar Board Games

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MMBoardgames is a band of four brothers who love playing board games. We are based in Myanmar, where board game culture is in its nascent stage. Thus, we are intent on spreading board game culture by creating our own games and spaces for friends and families to get together and immerse in the fun of playing board games. So far, we have set up our first board game cafe in Yangon and have opened up our first retail and online board game store. Auction Web is our first attempt at creating our own board game.